ExploroBOT: An easy-to-use automated engine for Data Visualization

Project Description



Many businesses have to deal with large and unkown data sets which require detailed analysis to extract insight for BI and Reporting.
Data Visualization using charts enables quick observation of data structures, hidden data trends and specific correlations.

Existing Chart-based Visualization Tools require complex training to obtain the desired chart type and extensive work to generate a large number of charts required in the analysis.



exploroBOT: an easy-to-use web tool enables Visual Exploration of data without manual chart or narrative development.
Challenges existing conventions on visual analytics – the shelf metaphor and drag-drop metaphors – by automating the chart creation and data exploration process.
Combines chart recommendations and navigational heuristics to guide users through their data.
Considers the users’ analytics journey or the specifics of data.


  • Easy Charts generation
  • User interaction through visual navigation:
    • revert to previous point (re-start journey)
    • journey history
    • journey management (history)
  • Document upload (csv)
  • ‘Save’ facilities to allow revisiting of explorations.


  • Rohan Goel, Dublin Institute of Technology
  • Dr. Tamara Matthews, Dublin Institute of Technology
  • Dr. John McAuley, Dublin Institute of Technology

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