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CeADARConnect Training Facilitator

CeADAR – Ireland’ Centre for Applied Data Analytics is seeking an experienced individual for the CeADARConnect group to focus on developing and delivering industrial training and active learning-based bespoke programs to help companies upskill their data science capabilities. Serving as a “connection between CeADAR and industry clients and members” and engaging with a range of industry verticals, the CeADARConnect group delivers AI/ML-focused R&D and technology solutions to the clients. This is an opportunity to work on a number of diverse and exciting projects in the area of data science and use this learning to develop a set of bespoke learning courses.

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ML4GE – Machine Learning for Green Energy

MARKET NEED ML4GE explores machine learning techniques to analyse smart-meter data. The idea is to use deep learning based clustering approaches to find similar energy consumption patterns and to put these similar patterns in the same group or cluster and then use these patterns to forecast total demand for each cluster. Recently smart meters have been widely deployed in many countries. These devices replace conventional electrical meters and are able to provide measurements for time intervals of typically less than one hour and can send these to the utility. This technology provides utilities a large amount of data and

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SmartAd: Measuring advertising campaigns efficacy

MARKET NEED One of the major questions in the advertising space is how to determine which advertising initiatives have been successful and which have not. This age-old question in advertising gave rise to the famous John Wanamaker quote: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” Today, advertising runs through various channels such as television, radio, print, web and social media. Each of these has different characteristics in terms of form, audience and data about customers interaction with the advertisements. We know that channels and campaigns interact: A customer that

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SmartSeg: A customer segmentation tool designed to be accessible to a broad user base

Market Need With the rise of service customisation , data analytics is becoming increasingly important so as to understand the needs of a company’s customers. In order for the potential of data analytics to be fully realised, analytics tools must be developed for use by the widest user – base possible . Under the CeADAR Intelligent Analytic Interfaces : Ease of Interaction theme, smart analytics tools are being developed to aid non – analytics specialist users in exploring datasets and performing analytics tasks . The first task selected for focus under this theme is customer segmentation , an especially

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Data Stream Clustering: A high-throughput, continuous data clustering solution

Market NeedHigh volume, high throughput data streams are common in many industries including financial services (transaction streams), communications (instant messaging, SMS, micro – blogging), web and gaming (action and event streams) and production line environments (machine generated data). The ability to analyse and gain insights from this type of data as events happen, in real – time, can be hugely beneficial . Traditionally data analytics is performed as an off – line, batch process where the results are available hours or even days after the data was produced . This means that any actions taken based on these insights will

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SmartContact: An analytics-driven solution to optimise the services of Customer Contact Centre Agents

Project Description As the voice and sometimes face of a company, Contact Centre Agents must deal with customer inquiries efficiently and professionally. Pressures on agents include throughput-based service level goals as well as the need to ensure a top-quality service and sales experiences to customers at every point. Maintaining this quality and efficiency requires the provision of key customer history data to agents during calls without requiring agents to engage in time consuming searches across interfaces. Technology Solution SmartContact is an analytics-driven solution that automatically provides Customer Contact Centre Agents with a concise review of customer history and other relevant information points

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Summit: Summarising processes using structured and unstructured data

Process summarisation techniques generate overviews of the current state of a business process to enable evaluation of progress to date and to aid future planning.An overview of any process essentially reduces to answering the following key questions:What is the actual status of each process?What are the recent changes?Is there a problem looming up?While current issue trackers already provide an impressive amount of structured information on the status of issues, there is a substantial amount of free text provided by users and administrators in these systems that, up to now, has not been widely exploited for summarisation. The analysis and integration

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TopicListener: Tracking key topics from multi-channel speech audio streams

Market Need There is a large quantity of information communicated through speech audio streams (phone calls, broadcasts, commentary etc.) across many industries. In many instances this information is of potentially high value but is discarded for lack of efficient and accurate information retrieval strategies. Speech recognition technologies partially solve this problem but the output texts are still high volume, noisy and difficult to interpret and summarize Technology Solution TopicListener integrates the power of automatic speech recognition and text based topic modeling technologies Focuses on the most salient topics, events and issues Topic tracking can work in an incremental way

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TimeSeriesClustering: A comparison tool for time series clustering techniques

MARKET NEEDClustering time series data can be used across many different industries for tasks such as identifying common behaviours, detecting outliers, and discovering groupings based on similar patterns.A common challenge in time series clustering is that there are many different clustering algorithms and data representations that all produce different ‘valid’ cluster assignments. It is often hard to determine which clustering approach is best for a particular objective.Running multiple clustering techniques over the same time series data and being able to compare their outputs in an intuitive way is not directly supported by many tools currently on the market.TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONIn order

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SmartSearch: Search and retrieval of information using semantic reasoning

MARKET NEED In many companies, the search and retrieval of information matching certain criteria is a key part of the business process. If we take, for example, those companies that work with many different services or products, the task of searching through product or service queries can be a key part of their data analysis or customer care processes. Typically employees will have to query internal knowledge bases or consult with external sources of information to gather sufficient knowledge to solve domain specific tasks. At present, a typical keyword-based search will not retrieve the wealth or depth of information

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ModelVis: Regression Model visualisation

MARKET NEED Data analysis is an increasingly important task for industry; one they must typically perform before making a business decision. Linear and logistic regression are commonly used as predictive data analytic models. The key characteristics of a regression model are: the regression weights, also known as regression coefficients, regression estimates or parameter estimates, the sign of each weight, a statistical significance associated with each weight. These characteristics are associated with the model’s features and interaction features (i.e. interaction terms or combined features for the purposes of regression). ModelVis is a regression model visualisation system that provides an intuitive understanding of how these three

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OntoCore: Semi-autonomously created ontologies based on Linked Open Data

Unstructured and semi-structured data within an enterprise can be many folds larger than structured data. But this data is often difficult to leverage to new business opportunities due to a lack of domain models for the data. Figure 1. Untamed Assets: Unstructured and Semi-Structured Data Identifying concepts held in existing data and the relationship between these concepts is a crucial step in opening up new product potential from existing data. The OntoCore Project helps to achieve this goal. TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION OntoCore – a tool-kit for the semantic enrichment of unstructured and semi-structured data with relevant concepts and relations extracted from

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DocoPool: Discovering hidden knowledge in text

 MARKET NEEDMany businesses store pools of information-rich text in their systems – such as reports, customer reviews, user comments and general word processing documents.Insights can be uncovered by analysing these text sources to discover underlying hidden topics or trends, such as unexpected clusters of words across documents.In reality, however, it can be difficult to manually examine all this of information to discover such hidden trends or topics.TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONFigure 1. Visualising document groups based on word clusters or topicsDocoPool – a web tool that allows users to explore the content of text documents for hidden knowledge:identifies and visualises word groupings

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Blockchain Report: An overview and comparative evaluation of three implementations

 MARKET NEED                   One of the most important components of blockchain technology is its ability to transfer monetary value and do so in untrusted environments. Blockchain has garnered much attention recently, primarily as it can be a secure, fault tolerant, highly available, transparent technology which can provide different levels of access to data. These aspects of the technology make it well suited to improve the efficiency of certain financial and legal processes, and also serves as a new way of solving logistics management problems.Comparison of different network topologies. Centralised and decentralised networks both

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CrowdTrack: Spatio-temporal estimates of pedestrian concentrations

MARKET NEED Locations with greater footfall attract more customers and are likely to be more profitable, especially when new locations fill gaps in the existing network, and provide access to key demographics. By applying machine learning techniques to open spatial and temporal datasets, CrowdTrack provides spatiotemporal estimates of pedestrian concentrations. TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION PEDESTRIANS | USER AND CENSUS DATA CrowdTrack allows users to gain insight into: when and where urban crowds tend to form spatial and temporal variations in user datasets, such as differences in store performance or timing of peak sales according to location desirable locations for new stores

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DataGen: A flexible tool to generate synthetic data

MARKET NEED A common problem faced by companies working in analytics is the difficulty in creating “random” datasets that resemble actual company data. Companies need purpose-built data for a variety of reasons, including the demonstration and testing of systems and analytical models. Companies are often reluctant to use their own company or client data due to privacy issues, but they need data with the same characteristics as their real data. TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION DataGen allows users to generate synthetic data. DataGen offers two modes of operation: Manual generation: The user specifies the features, rules and inter-feature relationships. Automatic generation: The

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