Of our previous demonstrator projects, those focusing on highlighting and exploring emerging technologies have been particularly popular with our industry partners. These include projects introducing Blockchain, Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning, for example. Following this success, CeADAR decided to refresh the demonstrator projects programme with a brand new programme called the Lighthouse Project Programme for the next round of projects.


and Awareness

Introduce emerging or less well-understood technology areas and approaches to CeADAR industry members


support companies
in staying ahead

Identify industrial applications of these technologies to support the competitive advantage of our industry partners


Develop an Understanding
of “What’s Possible”

Cater both to our partners that are more advanced in terms of AI expertise and adoption, as well as less mature companies

Submit Your Topics for Lighthouse Projects

We are looking for additional suggestions for relevant areas of interest for the Lighthouse projects. Please submit your ideas below, and we will collate all suggestions and follow up to gather interest from all CeADAR members to prioritise which suggestions will become projects.


Alireza Dehghani, PhD
Lighthouse Project Programme Lead

To run the lighthouse project’s that address your needs and interests, please submit your ideas through this form. Please send any other questions/messages that you may have regarding the lighthouse project’s programme.

Yes CeADAR can take companies with little or no experience with AI and improve their AI capabilities through a range of services including basic training in AI, support to find funding or advice on how to prepare your data for future projects.   If your company joins as a member you can also avail of a CeADARConnect Data Scientist who can work directly with with your team on an AI or digitalisation project.  Find out more about the services available to you by contacting our Technical Manager Arsalan Shahid at arsalan.shahid@ucd.ie

Yes there are a range of funding options for all levels of companies. CeADAR is particularly adept and knowledgeable about the funding available for SMEs and start up companies. Get in touch with our Ecosystems Manager Méabh Garrick meabh.garrick@ucd.ie to find out more.
As a MNC CeADAR can offer bespoke training solutions to staff members, as a technology centre connected to Ireland's largest university CeADAR is at the forefront of cutting edge research and can deliver novel market ready solutions for organisations at any level.  We can also provide independent advice to companies on planned projects.