CeADAR staff undertake a wide variety of work for companies ranging from advising on technical strategy to developing and implementing AI and analytics solutions. We bring the latest techniques to bear on new and old challenges. We can co-develop solutions or produce solutions to your specifications.

Over the past 8 years CeADAR has accumulated a wealth of experience using a range of AI tools and applications and working across many and diverse industry sectors.

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Our staff are all highly qualified in the theory and practice of AI and analytics and have extensive experience working in industry and with industry partners. Most of our staff have come to CeADAR after working in business and industry for many years so you can be assured we understand the challenges, and requirements that our solutions need to meet.

We’re here to help you

We would be delighted to hear from you to explore how we can help and add value to your business using the latest in AI and analytics techniques. We will help you identify the most appropriate of the many financial instruments available from Enterprise Ireland and the IDA to facilitate collaboration. We’ll also help
you write the proposal.

Don’t delay, contact us today at Sara.Stevenson@ucd.ie