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A common problem faced by companies with complex work processes is how to ensure that the best use and configuration of resources is achieved.   In a process-driven environment, each object (e.g. customer, insurance claim, patient) is a participant in a process, competing against other cases for resources resources.

Business need to be examine what-if scenarios on replicas of their real-life business scenarios – combining the domains of simulation with process mining  – to enable low-risk low-cost process optimisation testing.


SimXpert tool generates visualisations of live business processes from logs of actual system events.  Visualisations display bottlenecks and process paths.  Simulation capabilities are incorporated to support process modification, including path adjustments, new paths and resource allocations.


SimXpert is relevant to any company that needs to examine and optimise their in-situ business processes. Benefits to companies of using business process simulators include resource optimisation, process routing improvements, and contingency planning for “what if“ situations.  By building process defintions from real system data, analysis takes places against a real-life view of events in the business.


  • Dr. Susan Mckeever, Technological University Dublin,
  • André Ríos , Technological University Dublin,
  • Sangita Sriram,
  • Dr. Hector Franco,
  • Dr. Mohammed Mesabbah.