CeADAR’s demonstrators have all been developed from proposals from our industry members. These demonstrators are not commercial projects, but just proofs of concepts that show the potential of our approach. Below is brief information on several of CeADAR’s demonstrators: within each project’s page, you will find a description of the industry need that led to the project, the technical approach, and some screenshots to show you what the tool looks like. There are also brief (2-3 minute) videos showcasing how the tool works, and downloadable 1-page PDF flyers for your use with the information in an easily understandable and transmittable format.

ALL CeADAR demonstrators are available for evaluation on their own or as part of further work (grant- or company-funded).  CeADAR members get priority access for licencing and partners on projects can licence an output in advance of it being made available to the general membership!
If you are interested in any of these, please contact Edward McDonnell at edward.mcdonnell@ucd.ie or on 353(0)1 716 5716 to discuss your needs and choices.

Latest Demonstrators

ML4GE – Machine Learning for Green Energy
Edge AI
AI for Bill Reduction
ULfAD – Unsupervised Learning for Anomaly Detection
Explainable Machine Learning for Text Data
AI for Earth Observation
Machine Learning for Cybersecurity
Text Analytics for Contract Understanding
KnowText: Knowledge graphs for semantic enrichment of text corpora
XPlainIT – Explainable AI for Deep Models
Multimodal Deep Learning
Trading with Reinforcement Learning
SimXpert – Business Process Mining with Simulation
DataFIX: Automatic Tools for Data Review and Substitution
EXPERTS ( Explainable Graph Data Analyser)
ASAP – Applied Time Series Analysis and Prediction
TagTell: Automatic tag detection & extraction in large scale text corpora
Deep Learning for Opaque Data: A user-friendly tool to build a Machine Learning classifier
Smart Contracts: Enforce contractual agreements using the Blockchain network
NPSVu: Enhanced NPS Sentiment Analysis
DataGen: A flexible tool to generate synthetic data
CrowdTrack: Spatio-temporal estimates of pedestrian concentrations
Blockchain Report: An overview and comparative evaluation of three implementations
DocoPool: Discovering hidden knowledge in text
OntoCore: Semi-autonomously created ontologies based on Linked Open Data
SmartSearch: Search and retrieval of information using semantic reasoning
ModelVis: Regression Model visualisation
SmartAd: Measuring advertising campaigns efficacy
TimeSeriesClustering: A comparison tool for time series clustering techniques
TopicListener: Tracking key topics from multi-channel speech audio streams
Summit: Summarising processes using structured and unstructured data
SmartContact: An analytics-driven solution to optimise the services of Customer Contact Centre Agents
Data Stream Clustering: A high-throughput, continuous data clustering solution
SmartSeg: A customer segmentation tool designed to be accessible to a broad user base

Archived Demonstrators

ExploroBOT: An easy-to-use automated engine for Data Visualization
Unfamiliar Data Modeller: Discovering structures within unfamiliar data sets
ContentAssess: Automatic assessment of article quality
StreamConverse: Spark streaming over heterogeneous datasets
ContactFiller: Extracting structured entity profiles from unstructured sources
Large-Scale Sentiment Clustering: Clustering of documents based on sentiment
Supply Chain Optimisation: A tool to optimise the amount of stock invested in customer inventory
ContinuousMetrics: Real-time metrics computation for continuous streaming data
Time Series Pattern Search: A tool to extract events from time series data
Social Identity Fingerprint: Matching user profiles across social networks
Content Curated Consumer Reviews: Extract and cluster sentences on reviews (Product Fault Finder)
Next-Generation Sentiment: A fine-grained understanding of the sentiment expressed in text articles 
LookAndLearn: Continuous data stream analytics for images
Forecasting Technology Platform: A toolbox of advanced analytics predicting the future using past data streams
Speak+Seek: A voice controlled Business Intelligence system
SmartContact: An analytics-driven solution to optimise the services of Customer Contact Centre Agents
IdentityMatch: Identifying persons of interest in social network contexts
Analytics for Inventory and Supply Chain Management: Optimisation of repair supply chain networks
Query-Aware Database Generator: Improve query correctness in complex SQL environments (Query Correctness Platform – I)
Process Data Analytics: A tool to standardise business process models
Query Audit Tool: Visualising query result provenance (Query Correctness Platform – II)
Nudge Along: A tool to personalise communications to change customer behaviour
AI for Business Process Modelling: Business process modelling with automated planning
Advanced Monitoring of entities in online media sources: Online monitoring of the reputation of entities through social media