The maturity model is intended to help companies develop and focus their AI initiatives. It provides a useful framework for identifying the potential business impact of AI, and assessing an organisation’s current AI capabilities. Applying the methodology with CeADAR’s assistance will help companies develop their AI roadmap and prioritise investments in AI technologies, skills, and processes needed to boost AI readiness and achieve the best potential outcomes.

The AI maturity model maps the relationship between the organisational dimensions needed to make AI real and the five stages of maturity that organisations progress through as they traverse along their AI journey. The model examines an organisation along the five dimensions of AI maturity which are:

  • Strategy
  • Business cases
  • Competence, culture and cooperation
  • IT Infrastructure and data
  • Processes

We help our industry partners progress along the AI journey by implementing a continuous cycle of defining goals, implementing them, and measuring success. This approach has been proven to be successful in accelerating the AI transformation of our industry partners.

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