AI Advancing Diversity Award

RTE, AI Advancing Diversity & Inclusion Award

Congratulations to RTE who have been awarded the 2022-23 CeADAR Excellence in AI
Award for AI Advancing Diversity & Inclusion Award

CeADAR have worked in partnership with RTE to develop an online solution for RTE to
detect diversity in their video programmes by extracting gender from faces and producing
statistics based on diversity on camera. This project is key for RTE to promote diversity and
gender balance in their shows.

About RTE

RTÉ’s vision is to champion Irish culture by captivating audiences with trusted, engaging and
challenging content; celebrating our country’s rich diversity; and cultivating Ireland’s talent.
RTÉ is required in law to be responsive to the interests and concerns of the
whole community. In doing this, RTÉ must meet the needs of diverse audiences every day.
RTÉ fulfils this remit by offering a comprehensive portfolio of services. The RTÉ portfolio
is the set of services that is necessary and sufficient to meet RTÉ’s public service obligations
by serving a broad range of interests be they cultural, generational, regional or international.