Advancing Trustworthy AI Award

Congratulations to Oblivious who have been awarded the 2022-23 CeADAR Excellence in AI

Oblivious is focused on building tools that allow data scientists to access and use the world’s
most impactful data while ensuring it is used for its intended purpose.
In addition to the groundbreaking products offered through Oblivious they are significant
contributors to advancing trustworthy AI on a broad scale through their involvement in
hackathons, panel discussions and conferences.

CeADAR have worked with Oblivious on on Privacy-enhancing Technologies (PETs) as well
as key contributors to developing the challenge and code for the hackathon CeADAR ran in
conjunction with the HorizonEurope HCAIM (Human-Centred AI Masters programme)
consortium as part of the ‘Ethicon’ event last summer. ‘Ethicon’ was a privacy-preserving
Machine Learning focussed hackathon that took place across 4 locations across Europe.

Oblivious have also been involved in a panel discussion CeADAR hosted on privacy-
preserving technologies that was very popular and well attended. They were also very
involved in the Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning (PPML) CeADAR Lighthouse project.
In 2023 Oblivious continue raising awareness of Trustworthy AI through their Eyes-Off Data
Summit in conjunction with Antigranular and in partnership with CeADAR on the 20-21 st July.

To stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving AI landscape and to ensure responsible
innovation, this year’s Summit presents an unparalleled opportunity to bring together
stakeholders from the privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) community, including data
scientists, data stewards, policy and regulatory experts, security professionals, and PETs

About Oblivious

Oblivious, co-founded by Robert Pisarczyk and Jack Fitzsimons, is revolutionizing the way
organizations handle sensitive data. By leveraging the power of confidential computing, the
company allows for the processing and analysis of sensitive information without exposing it
to external threats or unauthorized access. This approach holds great promise for industries
dealing with highly confidential data, including healthcare, finance, and government sectors.
With their cutting-edge solutions, they enable organisations to uphold stringent privacy
standards while still making use of valuable data. Oblivious is at the forefront of this
transformative movement, prioritizing security without compromising data utility.