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PERCEPTION: AI for Food Manufacturing

Status: Ongoing

Funding: DTIF

Industry: Food & Beverage

Company: Dawn Farms

Award: 2023 Winner ‘AI Digital Transformation in MNC’

This project is a €3 million DTIF funded ongoing collaboration between Dawn Farms, CeADAR AND Crème Global. Perception seeks to digitalise and apply AI at the food manufacturing company, Dawn Farms, from a holistic point of view, considering aspects such as food quality, manufacturing processes, machinery, waste, etc. Working with Dawn Farms, CeADAR is developing multi-modal deep learning solutions to save energy predictive maintenance, and avoid waste, while optimising resources.

The project aims to:

– Reduce the product development cycle by 50%, minimising waste

– Reduce the use of energy, water and food waste through accelerated processes, improving efficiencies

– Contribute towards changing consumer attitude and preferences to healthier foods, in line with global trends