Graph data plays an important role in big data analysis, and there are an increasing number of companies showing particular interest in being able to derive insights from this type of data.

Graph data contains information about relationships among data points. Thus, useful insights can be mined in certain use cases where relationships matter. One major limitation of existing graph data analysis tools is that they require an understanding of many complex concepts and terms such as centrality, modularity, motif finding etc. which are not readily familiar even for data analysts.

The EXPERTS project provides a use-case based graph data analysis tool that allows practitioners who own graph data to quickly and easily understand whether useful insights may be derived from their data.


We have developed a web based analysis tool that allows users to explore their graph data using common graph analysis metrics which are presented in an easy to interpret way, with a focus on explainability.


The key features of EXPERTS are:

  • Highly-interactive. Instead of exposing a selection of data structures, algorithms, and measures directly to users, our tool guides the user in exploring their dataset using common graph analysis metrics that are clearly explained.
  • Scenario-specific. Graph data analysis makes sense particularly when connections among data points matter. The tool enables the user to analyse their data from the perspective of what the nodes and connections in their data means.


  • Dr. Shen Wang, University College Dublin
  • Dr. Luis Miralles, University College Dublin
  • Dr. Oisín Boydell, University College Dublin