AI2Peat Project have launched their website. 🌐

AI2Peat is a project funded by Science Foundation Ireland under its Future Digital Challenge call. It started on 1st January 2023 and is initially funded for 18 months. The project is divided in 2 phases: a CONCEPT phase (first 6 months) and a SEED phase (remaining 12 months). The AI2Peat consortium is composed of CeADAR – Ireland’s centre for applied AI -, iCRAG – the SFI centre for applied geosciences – and NPWS – Ireland’s National Parks and Wildlife Services. Check the Team page to meet the AI2Peat team!

Over 20% of Ireland is covered by peatland, which is a critical store of carbon as well as supporting rich and highly biodiverse ecosystems. Whilst these have developed over thousands of years, in only the last couple of centuries they have experienced accelerated deterioration from a range of human impacts. Thankfully, there is now a renewed interest in preserving and restoring these landscapes. As peatlands are central to Ireland’s Climate Action goals, there is an urgent need for accurate, nationwide monitoring over time..

Clara Bog is one of the last intact raised bog environments left in Ireland. Raised bogs once covered over 310,000 hectares across the country, but today only 7% of this area remains.

Oisin BoydellCorrado Grappiolo, PhD and Richa Marwaha from CeADAR Ireland are part of the AI2Peat projects alongside members of iCRAG – SFI Research Centre in Applied Geosciences , and the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

AI2Peat aims to use AI to map and monitor Ireland’s existing peatlands in order to support peatland restoration and biodiversity. The team will utilise a wide range of data sources in order to monitor peatland condition and coordinate restoration activities on a large scale.

Projects like AI2Peat showcase the immense potential of AI solutions in combating climate change and increasing biodiversity in our rural environments.