Dr Edward McDonnell, CeADAR Centre Director, was appointed in March 2022 to the Enterprise Digital Advisory Forum. The role of the EDAF will be key in supporting and driving the implementation of the enterprise aspects of the new National Digital Strategy as well as the National AI Strategy. The EDAF will provide a focused body from which Government will be able to hear the views and perspectives of enterprise and experts as it works to facilitate the adoption of AI digital technologies among industry. The EDAF will advise and work with Government to drive industry adoption of digital technologies.

The EDAF will be chaired by the Mr. Robert Troy T.D., Minister of State for Trade Promotion, Digital and Company Regulation.


This appointment follows on from his earlier appointment to the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence or GPAI.  This is an international and multistakeholder initiative to guide the responsible development and use of artificial intelligence consistent with human rights, fundamental freedoms, and shared democratic values, as reflected in the OECD Recommendation on AI.