Project Description



BI decisions often need to consider customer feedback in terms of ratings, comments and opinions in the context of their location and temporal trends.
A variety of companies would benefit from a visualisation tool that combines Net Promotor Scores, the opinions expressed in customer feedback, and spatio-temporal data.



NPSVu: an easy-to-use web tool enables visual exploration of NPS scores and customer feedback from surveys.
Aspect Category Detection used on customer feedback to identify common features discussed by customers.
Chart representation of feedback trends for chosen location and time of year.
NPSVu enables the visualisation of NPS over regions and time, the analysis of associated customer feedback with identification of key words/phrases used by the different NPS types: PromotersPassives and Detractors.


  • Automatic feature engineering using Aspect Category Detection, finding:
    • Opinionated Nouns (Nouns associated with a sentiment-based Adjective);
    • Bigram sequences of Noun-Noun or Adjective-Noun that are frequently used;
    • Sentiment for features most commonly discussed in feedback.
  • Automatic Charts showing features for each type of user (Promotors, Detractors, Passives) and sentiment scores.
  • User interaction through visual navigation:
    • Choose region (County)
    • Choose the category (Promotors, Detractors, Passives).


  • Valentin Buchevreau, Dublin Institute of Technology
  • Dr. Thibaut Lust, Dublin Institute of Technology
  • André Rios, MSc., Dublin Institute of Technology
  • Dr. Tamara Matthews, Dublin Institute of Technology
  • Prof. Sarah Jane Delany, Dublin Institute of Technology