Project Description

download-pdfMarket Need

  • Finding persons with certain behaviours and attributes in network data is a challenging task.
  • Current approaches may only take into account content information and discard any network influences and metrics
  • Growing need for people aggregator systems to locate users with particular interests or skillsets


Technology Solution

  • We use statistical text analytics, and network analysis to build a network of related users.
  • We then refine this network based on a set of topics created by the user plus reputation and social influence metrics.
  • User-defined topic keywords are augmented from the live Twitter stream to enrich the search keyword lists.
  • Search keywords are re-weighted based on user feedback on the accounts returned and the search can be carried out afresh.

Future of this Technology Solution

  • Network search solutions are a dynamic area and one which is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years.
  • People search engines will be augmented with thematic clustering and recommendation algorithms
  • Metrics will be available to rapidly and accurately cluster social media users based on their social content and connections.
  • Finding users similar to one another will be an area of interest


  • Increasing volume of accounts on social media
  • People search engines augmented with thematic clustering and recommendation algorithms
  • Cluster social media users based on area of expertise
  • Near-real time retrieval of results from user searches

Research Team

  • Gerard Lynch (UCD)
  • Hodei Iraola (UCD)
  • Oisín Boydell (UCD)
  • Pádraig Cunningham (UCD)
  • Kevin Neary (Connectors Marketplace)
  • Aidan Connolly (Idiro)

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