John Byrne – Corlyitics

AI Advocacy Award

Congratulations to John Byrne who has been awarded the 2022/23 CeADAR Excellence in
AI Award for Artificial Intelligence Advocacy.

John has served on the Industry Board
of CeADAR for many years and has been a tireless evangelist for the work of the Centre in
accelerating the adoption of AI for the benefit of business in Ireland.
John has also made significant contributions in the advancement of AI technology
particularly in the field of natural language processing for the automated understanding of
financial regulation. We extend our congratulations to John on the award and thank him for
his many contributions in advocating the positive uses of AI.

About Corlytics

John Byrne is founder and CEO of Corlytics, responsible for setting the company’s vision
and strategy. Corlytics provides a risk-based approach to regulatory compliance. Corlytics is
helping compliance, risk, legal and audit teams globally.  They monitor, assess, map, and
align regulatory changes in order to alert relevant areas of the business.

Corlytics enriches the information with regulatory risk intelligence and analytics enabling
firms to plan and prioritise compliance and monitoring activities and determine exposure to
regulatory risk. The complex regulatory information is visualised within practical, powerful
interactive dashboards.